Every day we practice The Easee way

The Culture Team assists the people working at Easee to understand the importance of the Easee culture and to increase our focus on it.

If we were to go on a fishing trip together, they are not the ones that catch the fish. They are there to help us tie the fishing nob, showing us how to mount the rod, and give us some tips on what baits to use depending on the type of fish we are looking to catch.

In other words, they raise awareness, inspire, and increase engagement towards the Easee culture. So that every employee knows The Easee way and practice this every day.


Caspar and Martin from the Culture department walking and hugging

Head of Love

Reducing the distance between the Easee Way and our daily operations.

Their mission is to raise awareness, inspire, and increase engagement towards the Easee culture.

Siri and Sindre from culture department drinking coffee and talking


At Easee we put People First. When the employees are happy, Easee is happy. The Event Team is responsible for facilitating social events and gatherings for employees to connect and build relationships together. Research shows that building positive relationships at work gives more energy, both physical and emotional. The Event Team make sure people meet and have fun together so that we have more energy to be excellent in everything we do.

Portrait of Richard


The Merch Team is responsible for the Easee-wear. All employees have access to the merch-shop and can buy t-shirts and hoodies to look fresh and cool. The purpose with the merchandise is to establish safety and that all employees can feel at home in the Easee family.



Culture Collaboration

Our Culture department is working closely with all departments in Easee to make sure that we live and breathe our culture.

In order to do so they especially collaborate with the following teams:

Testimonials from Culture

Caspar showing off his tatto
Portrait of Siri
Our dear plant boy
Portrait of Martin
  • Most businesses know the importance of good company culture, but how many of them can say that they have a culture department? It’s a true privilege working with understanding- and implementing principles that cultivate safety, inspiration, and love, because, in Easee, we see that people who feel safe, seen, recognized, and inspired will thrive at work and create amazing things

    Caspar Chief Evangelist
  • Getting the opportunity to take part in shaping the future of business culture is for me, a dream come true – making sure that people feel safe, seen, heard and appreciated is our number one priority – and we work every day to minimize the gap between our cultural vision and the actual experienced Easee culture

    Siri Event & Merch Manager
  • To be a part of the team that gets to work with culture on a daily basis is truly inspiring. All of Easee really cares and wants our visions to come to life.

    Sindre Event Coordinator
  • Working with culture in Easee is a unique experience. We get to work with people to unleash their full potential and to thrive as human beings, not just while they are at work. Our focus is that everyone feels safe, seen & heard and that everyone knows whats expected of them.

    Martin Chief of Culture

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