Business Optimization Empowering Smart Scaling

Business Optimization´s mission is to empower smart scaling. We support the rest of the organization with tools, systems, facilities and project execution. Our aim is to build the best possible foundation for Easee to be secure, stable, and at any time ready to scale. The goal is that by doing this, all other Easeetonians can have everything they need to focus on their core task to maximize their potential.


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Task Force

The Task Force team is about helping all of Easee build the smoothest, smartest and most amazing business operations in the world. Their mission is to keep a finger on the pulse of today’s Easee while planning for the scaling of Easee as a global company.

They do this by leading projects, using their experience and competence to advise, challenge, argue and support other departments. They use data to inspire them, ask the right questions and provide the right skill set to answer. With their understanding and experience in working across cultures, processes, and domains they help Easee to bridge gaps between departments and countries.

Øystein Solberg in Department Business Optimization

Business Systems

The team is responsible for the Easee Business systems. Our goal is to ensure our systems are secured, trustable, intuitive, automated, and integrated.

We believe this will enable Easeetonians to reach their full potential by eliminating stress and avoid having to do boring repetitive tasks. In this way everyone can focus on their core tasks to maximize the value of their work.

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FBI stands for Facility, Building and IT.

The Facility specialist’s mission is to create and inspire a frictionless working environment. Where everything is based on Love. Their day-to-day job is to sustain that Easeetonia is a peaceful and loving place for all its citizens.

IT´s mission is to make a seamless experience for all employees. From the onboarding to working and collaborating remotely. They are also responsible for protecting Easee with a reliable service and top security.

Kjartan Tjessem Østrådt with an Iron Maiden t-shirt


The Security Team is responsible for protecting Easee´s precious values, being everything from the product and end-users to the employees and culture. Their overall focus is on information security, more specific cyber and physical security. The team is proactively sharing their professional guidance and knowledge, and work continuously on raising security awareness throughout the organization.

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    Business Optimization departments

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    Business Optimization departments

    Playing shuffleboard Business Optimization departments

  • Kjartan and Magnus sitting in the stairs drinking Pepsi Max

    Business Optimization departments

    Drinking Pepsi Max in stairs Business Optimization departments

  • Business Optimization

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    Business Optimization

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Testimonials from Business Optimization

Employee Herman Steinsøy juggling ducks
Portrait of Anders
  • Easee gives you the trust to explore how you best can contribute to our company culture & vision. This accelerates personal growth and makes us incredibly adaptable. In Business Optimization we empower smart scaling by continuously challenge and optimize how we operate.

    Herman Business System Strategist
  • Great people. Great team. Couldn’t be happier to be a part of Business Optimization, and to be able to support Easeetonia to grow into the future.

    Anders Facility Specialist

Business Optimization Collaboration

Business Optimization is works closely with all other departments in Easee. They make sure that all departments runs smoothly and feel supported in everything they do. Making sure that all Easeetonians have everything they need and are well taken care of.

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