There has been a lot of speculation and untruths printed about the safety of Easee and our solutions in recent days. The company therefore sees the need to reassure consumers and explain our solutions. Easee would never allow any customer to charge with an unsafe charger.

Elsäkerhetsverket raises concerns about earth fault protection. They are completely baseless.

Easee has integrated earth fault protection in line with the safety requirements. This protects against both AC and DC faults. The protection is tested automatically between each charging session and at least once a day. This is a permitted option for DC earth fault protection and our safety is thoroughly documented.

Traditional earth fault circuit breakers are generally always connected in a circuit. A normal earth fault circuit breaker must be tested periodically, and the intervals vary from a few months to once a year. Easee’s protection is disconnected by default, meaning there is no current flow, and the circuit is never connected to allow current flow   until it has been tested and found to be working. This means that Easee’s customers will never be able to charge without earth fault protection, and will always be protected against dangerous earth currents.

This provides a great improvement in safety, because you have a protection that is continuously monitored in the charging station, in the event of a fault, the charging station will not allow charging. The safety of the charging station with integrated earth fault protection is confirmed and substantiated in a report by a recognized German third party.

– Our chargers are completely safe, and all our customers can charge safely every day. When dealing with innovation, processes like this are part of the game, and important. We have an absolutely fantastic, innovative and green product – where safety is the most important factor. We would never allow anyone to charge with an unsafe charger, says Knut Arve Johnsen, Technical Manager at Easee.

Andreas Jotorp (Partner Success Manager) and Knut Arve Johnsen (VP Hardware ).

Easee Home/Charge is designed for overvoltage category III, corresponding to the requirement for fuses, earth fault protection and other fixed equipment. The Easee charger meets all surge tests required. The product will not under any circumstances cause damage to vehicles, and this has been thoroughly documented through our own and several third-party tests.

– Elsäkerhetsverket itself confirms that there are no cases that have resulted in fire or personal injury. There is no risk of this, and what they fear will happen has never happened because our products are safe and secure. We have almost 60 million charging sessions to confirm this. They still do not recommend stopping using the charger, nor have they issued any warnings or concerns about continued use. Our chargers are completely safe and all our customers can charge safely every day, says Jonas Helmikstøl, founder and CEO of Easee.