The built-in security features are a big plus, according to Swedish M3, which has declared Easee Home a test winner. This is just one of several tests we have won recently.

Safety and innovation have been the main focus at Easee since the very beginning – it is something we work on every day. In the tests that are done on our chargers in several different countries, we see that this is highlighted.

In addition, emphasis is placed on the fact that the charger is intelligent, universal and charges up to 10 times faster than a regular outlet.

Referred to as a “super find” Sweden

Among the most recent Swedish tests is Hemkfakta’s which finds that

“This is an intelligent EV charger with many smart features and functionalities.”

The Nordic project also recently carried out a test where Easee emerged victorious:

“It (the charger) has a compact and modern design that fits into any home, and it is equipped with the latest technical features to give you a safe and easy charging experience.”

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has also named Easee the best home charger. They call the charger a “super find that is best in test”.

Easee’s charging robots have an integrated ground fault protection that tests itself at least 365 times a year, so you will never have to charge without ground fault protection.

United Kingdom: “Bloomin’ brilliant”

Our charger scores are consistently high on all points in the tests that have been carried out. The British also love the Easee One, which is the variant sold in the UK.  Smart Home Charge writes that: 

“The Easee One is the best EV charge point on the market right now for owners of electric cars. I’ve tested all the EV chargers we install as well as others we don’t – the Easee has been the best overall experience when it comes to general use and smart charging.

Green Car states that Easee One is their top pick:

We like the futuristic yet minimal design, spliced with Scandinavian ingenuity and edge.

In 2021, our EV charger was honoured with the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture, a recognition we are incredibly proud of.

Top Charger also pays attention to the design and writes, among other things, this in its test: 

The Easee One is a drop-dead gorgeous smart charger. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Scandinavian company, with clean lines, geometric minimalism, and functionality baked into its core. It really is a triumph in design.

When it comes to the question: But is it any good? The answer is crystal clear from Top Charger:  “It’s bloomin’ brilliant!” 

Germany: User-friendly and safe

In Germany, the Easee Home has received high marks from Europe’s largest automobile association, the Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC). There, the Easee Home was awarded the top 3 spot and an overall rating of 1.9 (1 being the best): 

“Recommended for its uncomplicated handling and safe charging.

The Plus X Award in Germany writes:

“The charging system deserves our seal of approval for high quality, design, usability, and functionality.”

Kvinne med lyst hår står mellom elbilen og smartladeren fra Easee. Hun har mobilen i hånden og gjør klar bilen for lading. Ved hjelp av elbilladeren fra Easee sparer hun penger på å lade bilen når strømprisene er billigst.
The focus on customer safety has been a common thread throughout our development process.

Safety first

Easee has been checked, tested, and approved by several EV charging and installation experts. 

From the very beginning, we have focused on designing, producing, and further developing an innovative and smart charger, where the focus on customer safety has been a common thread throughout our development process. 

Our chargers are always online. We monitor our chargers, update features, alert you to errors, and troubleshoot any problems so that the EV charger you have at home always keeps pace with technological developments. 

We do all this because you as a customer deserve it! Together we are shaping the electricity grid of tomorrow. 💙